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Mobile PC repairs Bolton
PC repairs Bolton
Mobile laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repair Bolton
Mobile Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repair Bolton



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Introduction to ADS IT Support, providing Computer Repairs in Bolton.

Based in Bolton, I started ADS ITsupport chiefly to provide local computer service solutions to home users and small businesses.
I offer a wide range of services for all of your computer related requirements at competitive prices.


Computer Repairs Bolton

Why have your computer fixed instead of buying a new one?  It costs less than buying a new one and is less time consuming for you than reinstalling and adding all of your important software that you have spent hours installing and setting up over time. You are also reducing the carbon footprint, thus helping to conserve the planet by not buying new equipment unless there is no other choice. When you buy new – more new gets manufactured. Throwing away your old machine creates more non-recyclable parts.

Some of my services include:  PC troubleshooting & diagnostics  Complete PC maintenance  Computer crash recovery  -  Spyware & virus removal  -  Data recovery & file transfer  -  PC valets (internal & external)  -  Computer upgrades (both hardware & software)  -  Hard drive replacement  -  Memory upgrade  -  Graphics Card renewal  -  PSU replacement  –  Internet setup


More extensive detail about Computer Repairs in Bolton can be found in our Services page.

For a friendly and reliable service, contact:

Tony Syddall

PC and Laptop Repairs


07828 186 560

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Mobile Computer repairs Bolton - Computer repairs Bolton
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